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Greetings! As a former math educator, I am running for Lakeside School Board. It is heartbreaking that parents are disrespected; they are the sole authority over their children's lives! After months of research, my goals are to restore:

1. Parental authority over children’s lives and education -

2. Protection of children’s innocence in schools - delete any sex ed, CRT, SEL (all very harmful)

3. American Classical Education – Books, Music, Arts - age appropriate and uplifting, no traumatic garbage

4. Phonics, Grammar and Diagramming Sentences - whole word reading causes dyslexia then ADHD

5. Multiplication Tables, Long Division, Math Reasoning - delete Common Core, rebranded as NGSS

6. Industrial Arts: wood working, bicycle repair, sewing, etc. Larysa Tanya Shmorhay - would love to meet parents to hear their concerns, goals and visions for your schools! Please call or email: 619.253.0115 | Thank you very much! ~Larysa

Larysa Shmorhay

Larysa Shmorhay

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