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East County Parent Alliance
Image by MChe Lee


East County Parent Alliance is a 501c3 community advocacy group for parents and children.  



We strive to make  changes in our community and schools.  We are dedicated to helping local candidates get involved in elections.  We hold town halls with Q&A while streaming live on most popular social media sites.    

Image by Samuel Branch

Parent Alliance Local Groups

Think Federal.  Act Local.  

Our forefathers were concerned about the “tyranny of the majority,” so they created a government with a system of checks and balances to safeguard the rights of majority and minority. That lead to the bicameral structure of our legislative branch with the House of Representatives and the Senate. As a constituent, you can and should participate at the local level and support causes and officials who will lead the efforts that matter to you at the federal level.  


Local politics and local issues often set a precedent for political moves on the state and national levels.  East County Parent Alliance seeks to affect change at the local level, with a realistic goal of affecting change on a much larger scale.  

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